ROI Tracking

Track Your Marketing

TV, Radio, Direct Mailers, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Newspapers?! How do you know what is really working? We can help create real tracking tools that will separate the fluff from what really works.

Damasco Innovations will work one on one with you, create an effective tracking strategy, then stay on top of what is and isn’t working with reports and bi-weekly meetings.

When it’s time to renew your marketing contract with any vendor, you will have real data to bring to the negotiating table.

Is It Magic? NO! It’s common sense mixed with tools provided by industry leading companies.

What We Do:
  • Track Phone Calls From Different Sources.
  • Analyze Traffic Patterns To See What’s Working, And What Isn’t
  • Improve Marketing Strategies Using Real Data.
  • Increase And Track Sales And Conversions.
How Does Your Website Stack Up To The Competition?

What is your website doing for you? Is your phone ringing? Are potential prospects able to find you? Does your website represent your business? Are you satisfied with your current contractor or agency?

Case Studies