Layout Strategy

Before we’ve even begun designing, our process starts with a kickoff call. This is where we ask questions to get to know you and your brand, and get an idea of what design styles you prefer.

Style Guide

This is the set of standards that will affect your web design and help format everything to look professional and consistent. We’ll ask if you have a current style guide and whether or not you’d like to make changes to it, or we can create a brand new one!

Inspiration and Competitor Websites

In order to get a better understanding of your desired design style we’ll ask for a few websites you really like (and even some you don’t like). Additionally, looking at competitors’ websites is a great way for us to get to know the standard website layout and design for your industry.

Fonts And Colors

In order for your new website to flow and have a consistent look and feel, the chosen fonts and colors must also work well together.


The layout of your website plays a crucial role in user experience. Nailing down a sitemap that creates an engaging and easy-to-navigate website is just as important as a website that looks good.

Homepage Design Mockup And Development

After this initial kickoff call, our design team will get to work on drafting a style guide (if needed) and several options for homepage mockups. These mockups will be presented a week after the initial call, and help us work with you to nail down a direction for the rest of your website.

Next steps include building out a handful of other pages in various formats such as service pages, product pages, and contact pages and then applying the styling you’ve chosen. If you’ve added content development services to your roster, our writers will be creating content simultaneously with the design team.

Before we hand the website off to our web development team, we’ll make sure that you’ve seen it all put together: the styling, the layouts, and the content. You’ll have an opportunity to make edits and, once you’ve given us your seal of approval, it’s time to start developing!

Your website is a crucial part of your company or organization. A website is like a storefront in the digital age, and it is often what people encounter first and sticks in their mind as a first impression. In order to make a great first impression, it’s important to have a great website. So what makes a great website? For starters, excellent user experience, aesthetically pleasing design, and easy navigation.

How Does Your Website Stack Up To The Competition?

What is your website doing for you? Is your phone ringing? Are potential prospects able to find you? Does your website represent your business? Are you satisfied with your current contractor or agency?

Case Studies