How To Develop A Brand

Damasco Innovation’s team of designers and content writers offer a range of services rooted in brand development, including graphic design, web design, brand strategy, and style guide creation.

Creating a memorable, recognizable, and approachable brand (and utilizing it properly) is key when it comes to effectively communicating with your audience. This includes things like garnering attention from potential customers, and loyalty from existing ones.

There are three things that are the basis for brand development, all of which must be considered in order to create a successful plan for your business: brand strategy, brand identity, and brand expression. All three of these elements continuously work together to create a singular, all-encompassing roadmap for marketing your brand to consumers.

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is a culmination of brand messaging that affects the way your brand is perceived by potential customers. This includes things such as mission statements, vision statements, and company values. This information also gives presents as an opportunity to show audiences your brand personality. Clearly demonstrating a unique and interesting brand personality is often more memorable than a lack thereof.

Through the analysis of user data it is possible to gauge how your brand is currently being perceived. This analysis helps us determine whether the next steps are to make slight changes to the brand strategy (tone and personality), or to rework it completely.

Brand Identity

While brand strategy is more about written content, brand identity relates to consumer perception in terms of design. Elements of brand identity include logos and other visual design materials. Having a unique and recognizable logo, color palette, and general design style makes it easy and quick for consumers to create an association between your business and your product or service.

Brand Expression

Brand expression is where strategy and identity come together to create messaging materials. Using on-brand language and design work to speak to customers helps to even further engrain your brand’s personality in their minds, especially if they find they can relate or identify with you.


Wireframes are visual representations of website layouts. Having these can make it much easier to see the way pages interlink, how information is presented, and how a user would be guided throughout the site.

Style Guide

To ensure that future creation of assets or rebrandings go smoothly, it is extremely helpful to build a style guide that houses all company fonts, color palettes, and other general design elements.

We offer brand development services in a variety of areas:

Graphic Design

Whether it’s a logo, updated color palette, social media posts, or other branding design materials, Blackhawk’s graphic design team will work with you to create something you can be proud of.

Web Design

A large part of brand expression involves maintaining the consistency of tone and appearance across all channels. This is why it is important to have a website that reflects your brand in the same manner, especially if your final stage of consumer conversions takes place online.

Design Editing

If changes need to be made on a pre-existing design, or even some of our work, Damasco Innovations is ready to help. We understand the business world is volatile and always shifting, and helping your business keep up with that is our life’s work.

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