The Internet can be a scary place without the right protection. Keeping this in mind we partnered with Atomic Secured Linux to protect you.

  • 100% managed, private web hosting.
  • Servers are fully managed, running updates that do not interfere with up-time.
  • Triple redundancy backup plan, meaning your data is backed up daily to three different sources eliminating any chance of data loss.
  • Atomic Secured Linux firewall protection, with automatic IP blocking.

Each Machine in our server cluster:

16 cores @ 3.7 GHz Max
4 x 480 GB SSD Primary Storage Hardware RAID 10
1 x 1 TB SATA Backup Storage
1 x 1200 GB NVMe SSD Additional Storage
15 TB Bandwidth

5000 GB in Cloud Guardian Backups Mirroring Each Server for up to 3 Months

4 x Reduncancy on Backups

We are also running a modded Apache core that can run 10x PHP jobs simultaniously per core, making our servers the fasted wordpress processing server possible.


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( Actual Image of Our Servers! )