Case Study

QHC Wellness


QHC Wellness required new branding to help them acquire, new clients, and provide information on products and services.


Initial goals included data structure, layout design strategy, and collaboration on how to best display their content.


After many hours of hard work and collaboration, the website looks great! 

"Anthony Damasco, Tony Pizano, and the entire team at Damasco Innovations have been an excellent resource for our medical practice. They took the time to listen to our needs, and provide us cost-effective, modern solutions."

Rohan Sadhwani

Website Design

Through communicating daily with the QHC team, we developed a website, designing as we went.  Topography, colours, images, and structural layout, we were able to collaborate and produce a fantastic end result.

Website Development

A complete re-branding is no easy task. We worked with QHC to make sure that all voices were heard and worked with key team members to rock out a great looking website in record time.

This website is full of dynamic features that allow their clients to easily access vital information, as well as Ajax-powered filtering systems, all using advanced custom fields combined with the Elementor visual editor.

Layout Strategy

After a thorough content analysis, we created a smooth user experience by making sure all related content is linked together.  QHC is a group of multiple companies, and our solution allows the user to find the related entities. The relationship between elements allows users to quickly and easily find content and discover other relevant information.