Case Study

Gen 2 VOIP


Our Client won an RFP and needed 4k website fulfilled to exact specifications.


We had to full fill the RFP within 2 weeks of receiving the details, while also making sure the Elementor website looked good on 4k. 


We were able to complete the project in a timely manner, keeping all parties satisfied. 

“More times than not, we have been impressed with the Damasco ability to distill complex problems into straight forward strategies; and they work not only as anticipated but in real dollars and cents.”

Nordi Dock

Website Development

Our team worked directly with the agency to build a website that is that met the RFP requirements. The main goals of the website are to display the their service list, as well as convert as educate potential customers.


RFP Fulfilment

After determining the Scope of Work, we communicated with the Agency and developed a game plan. We were able to make a quick 2-week deadline while satisfying all requirements.