Case Study

Crane Motor Parts


Crane Motor Parts is an SEO website specifically built to rank on google for specific part SKU numbers so it can generate leads.


To convert a Demag parts book full of over 20,000 SKU numbers to a fully SEO optimized online catalogue. 


The campaign is a complete success. The client is receiving calls and emails daily, most of which is converting into more business via referrals.

“DI has been fantastic! They were able to help us build a website that targets a very specific B2B market with an effective SEO strategy. Couldn’t recommend more highly."

Jennie Perka

Website Design

Our team worked directly with the client, helping them convert a book full of SKU numbers into a functional website. The client provided a clean spreadsheet after following our instructions.

Following along with the Demag brand book we used WordPress with the Elementor plugin, we were able to develop the entire website cleanly, with very few plugins, while also achieving the approved design.

Search Engine Optimization

Using both onsite and offsite white hat SEO strategies, we are ranking Crane Motor Parts for over 3000 keywords, all targeting SKU numbers used on the parts that they sell. This strategy has been wildly successful as the only people searching these terms are actively interested in purchasing the part right away.

Lead Generation

After building the website, we support our onsite efforts with a strong whitehat backlinking strategy. Our strategy targets batches of SKUs at a time, which is increasing the number of leads generated each month. Business is good, and the client is extremely satisfied.