Damasco Innovations is not your average web design and digital marketing agency. In Fact, we aren’t an agency at all. We are a network of talented freelancers in varying skill sets, with each team member industry proven. We are subject matter experts in both digital marketing and website development. Our mission is to bring marketing agency quality service to businesses without charging prices associated with high overhead costs.

About Anthony Damasco

Anthony has been in the web business for over fifteen years. During the course of this time, he has worked with a range of clients that spanned from multi-billion dollar companies to independent indie book authors with a smaller budget who simply wanted an online presence.

“I started Damasco Innovations after years of working for a number of large agencies. I’ve sat in almost every seat including programmer, designer, marketing specialist, and later in my career, technical director. I’ve seen what happens behind the scene’s and I knew that I could provide better service for my clients without charging the mind melting prices that I was seeing go out on proposals everyday. “

In a nutshell -He’s a business savvy, agency seasoned, programming and digital marketing expert. When he work’s clients, He takes the time to learn about what makes their business tick. From there, he is able to offer solutions to problems, marketing challenges, or just creative ideas to enhance their business.

Anthony Damasco Web Developmer


Damasco Innovations is a team of agency hardened contractors working together to provide high quality services at contractor prices. The company was founded by Anthony Damasco, whom has over 15 years experience in digital marketing and web programming.


“The best investment of time and resources that I have made was employing Damasco Innovations. Within the first two weeks of the sites launch, I received 8 viable leads of which 6 converted to clients that same month and the other 2 converted the very next month. Anthony, the Technical Director, and his team are professional, accessible, courteous, creative, flexible and highly knowledgeable in the field of web design, development and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). His team took the time to understand my vision to create a website that accurately portrays the scope and mission of Body Refined. First impressions mean a lot and Anthony and his team have added a positive impression of what Body Refined is and what I strive to do for my current and future clients.

In addition, the price was extremely affordable and yet I got more from Damasco Innovations than other firms were proposing at a higher rate. I truly value Anthony’s ability to respond to my inquiries promptly and even more grateful for the insight he gives to increase the presence of Body Refined on the World Wide Web not just locally but nationwide. I highly recommend Damasco Innovations to anyone or business in need of a highly competent and effective web design, development and SEO firm.”
— Kurt Dixon, CNC HFS CPT, was Anthony’s client

“I loved the way Anthony built the look of the website right in front of my eyes during a phone discussion, so that I could see it coming together piece by piece. He made some great suggestions and also took my direction whenever I wanted a particular feature. The end result is spiffy and my clients have complimented me on the new look. Thanks, Anthony!”
–Betsy Mitchell, betsymitchelleditorial.com, was Anthony’s client

“I’ve worked with Anthony on a number of projects over the years. He has always been very good with listening to our ideas, bringing constraints into focus, and helping us to brainstorm solutions. My company is very happy with his work. We will continue to use Anthony’s services for our web design, marketing programs, mobile apps, and server maintenance.”
— Jennifer Ruda, PMP, CSM, was Anthony’s client

“I hired Anthony to program my new Website design last year and he has been my go to guy on other web projects ever since.”
— Manuel “Tony” Peralta, was Anthony’s client

“I have recommended, and worked with Anthony on multiple website-development projects(standard and mobile). He was extremely patience, detailed, and capable in providing what the client(s) needed. Moreover,as a sign of his dedication, he is quick to providing follow-up technical assistance on completed project(s).”
— John K. Lee, worked directly with Anthony at Damasco Innovations

“What can one say when someone is as passionate as Anthony. He loves what does, he embraces the technology and works to make it highly user friendly. Anthony thinks tech but talks user. He is easy to work with, readily available and highly responsive. You’ll never go wrong putting your trust in Anthony.”
— Ken Malek, was Anthony’s client

“Anthony rocks! I would check off every box if I could. Couldn’t rec more highly.”
— Tom Taraci, was Anthony’s client

“Anthony demonstrates the highest level of professionalism in his work ethic. Always exceeding set expectations Anthony is innovative and resourceful in his approach. He is a team player constantly contributing to the success of the tasks at hand. I consider Anthony a valuable asset to any organization.”
— Ed Ryabovsky, was Anthony’s client

“Working with Anthony was an absolute pleasure and a great learning experience. His real world business experience increased my learning exponentially and I wouldn’t be the analyst I am without his guidance.His mentoring allowed me learn about business in the real world at a rapid pace. I would highly recommend listening to his ideas and working with him as he cares about all his clients and truly wants to aid them in anyway possible to grow and achieve their business goals.”
— SooMan Wolffs, Financial Analyst, Smart Age Solutions, reported to Anthony at Smart Age Solutions

“Anthony is the kind of employee any company could use. His web skills and technical knowledge are vast,and his problem solving ability is among the best I’ve encountered. Not being a tech person myself, I’m amazed at how he can pinpoint and fix the problem, often within minutes. He is not afraid to tackle any project, and is quick to jump into the task. From web development to content management to programming,Anthony gets the job done.”
— Joseph Pittman, worked directly with Anthony at E-Reads

“I’ve been working with Anthony and I’ve been very impressed with his web skills, with his productivity as a programmer and with his ability to absorb all the aspects of a problem and come up with a quick, elegant and workable solution. He’s also a lively presence around the office and always happy to help with any computer problems or questions and with whatever else comes up during any given day.”
— John R. Douglas, worked directly with Anthony at E-Reads

“As a copywriter, I found Anthony to be a wonderful programmer to work with. He never failed to be easygoing,patient, and ready to explain any programming issues clearly and precisely. He also has one of the best work ethics that I have ever seen. He was always one of the first people to arrive in the morning and would rally the troops to tackle the next project. Anthony is definitely a superb asset to any company.”
— Dax Oliver, worked directly with Anthony at That’s Nice LLC

“Anthony was a pleasure to work with. He meets deadlines and goes the extra mile, without being asked. He is knowledgable & a team player. I recommend Anthony as a web programmer.”
— Beth Pokriefke, managed Anthony at That’s Nice LLC

“Anthony is a really enthusiastic guy, a constant learner and really smart. Working next to him has educated me in technologies and, more so, opportunities in web development that I would have never been able to grasp in such a short period of time. Definitely an asset to our company – he’s raised our web department’s skill level without even trying to do so.”
— Gregg Meluski, worked directly with Anthony at That’s Nice LLC

“Anthony has provided great and prompt programming for our company as we have striven to stay ahead of the market’s technology curve. He is prompt and courteous to work with.”
— David Groveman, was Anthony’s client

“I would recommend Anthony to any company I work with….he is very talented and a hard worker. Always works with a smile on his face and gets the job done!”

— Dawn Q. Freeland, managed Anthony indirectly at ACCU Staffing Services